We are looking for a Pharmacy Manager to perform the following job duties.

· Motivate, encourage, and grow the Pharmacy Staff by balancing tasks that capitalize on colleagues' strengths, meet development needs, and close knowledge gaps.

· Gather competition data and examine prices, sales, and marketing and distribution tactics, as well as support the Pharmacy department and vice president in determining which items to carry.

· Collaborate with the vice president on coming up with pricing for over-the-counter items based on business profitability criteria.

· Collaborate with staff such as store and front-desk clerks in sales work, inventory

assessment, and reconciling sales receipts.

· Prioritize Pharmacy merchandise orders and approve requisitions to restock Pharmacy merchandise

· Ensure that employee safety, sales, and record-keeping practices are in accordance with corporate policies. Evaluate the performance of stock clerks and front desk clerks and conduct performance review reports for the vice president.

· Collaborate with the president to establish, implement, and monitor policies and processes that reflect excellent and safe delivery of health care services, as well as exceptional customer and guest interactions.

· Continuously analyze the departmental operating program and make recommendations to the president for any modifications needed to ensure seamless pharmacy operations.

· Work with staff to ensure departmental compliance with policies, procedures, bylaws, regulatory standards, and best practice recommendations, as well as drugs as required by insurance.

Bachelor's degree is required in Management or Operations Management or Business Management or Business Administration or education + experience which is equivalent to a Bachelor's degree in Management or Operations Management or Business Management or Business Administration